PMO Realty is the premier firm for selling, renting and managing homes in Central Florida. The reason for our success and what sets us apart from other real estate companies is that we invest deeply and powerfully in local and international marketing. We do not depend solely on traditional methods of marketing. Our team is tech savvy and global-visioned.
We represent a significant pool of buyers and sellers who are interested in this area at the moment and we have the connections and experience to bring these buyers to your door.
If you are a property owner and decide you would like to ride out this low wave in the market and wait for values to return before selling, you need to consider renting your home to one of our wonderful, highly vetted tenants. We have an inordinate amount of pre-qualified tenants now who are looking for a quality home to make their residence. We are a full service management company who offers our homeowners 24 hour access to their property pictures and updates online. We have an in-house maintenance department which gives you significant savings due to the volume of homes we manage.
If you are considering short selling your home, we are Certified Distressed Property Management Experts (CDPE) and have excellent relationships with the banks short sale departments. We will not close on a property without your bank releasing you completely from all debt. CALL NOW! NO MATTER WHAT-WE CAN HELP!